Nfa Weapon Restrictions Across the Nation

  • Nfa Weapon Restrictions
  • No Nfa Weapon Restrictions
  • Partial Nfa Weapon Restrictions

NFA weapons refer to a federal list of firearms that the government requires owners register. Not all states follow this law, and others have partial restrictions, full banns, or the need to register firearms in the NFA data base. Examples of firearms or other weaponry considered a NFA regulated weapon includes, but is not limited to: Machine guns, firearm suppressors, short barreled riffles and shot guns, and anti-tank guns (.50 caliber and up).

State Long-guns Handguns
Alabama No No
Alaska No No
Arizona No No
Arkansas N/A N/A
California Yes Yes
Colorado No No
Connecticut Yes Yes
Delaware Yes Yes
District of Columbia Yes Yes
Florida No No
Georgia No* No
Hawaii Yes Yes
Idaho No No
Illinois Yes Yes
Indiana Yes No
Iowa Yes Yes
Kansas No No
Kentucky No No
Louisiana Yes Yes
Maine No No
Maryland No* No*
Massachusetts Yes Yes
Michigan Yes No
Minnesota Yes Yes
Mississippi No No
Missouri No No
Montana No No
Nebraska No No
Nevada No No
New Hampshire No No
New Jersey Yes Yes
New Mexico No No
New York Yes Yes
North Carolina Yes Yes
North Dakota No No
Ohio Partial Partial
Oklahoma No No
Oregon No No
Pennsylvania No No
Rhode Island Yes Yes
South Carolina Yes Yes
South Dakota No No
Tennessee No No
Texas No No
Utah No No
Vermont No No
Virginia Yes Yes
Washington Yes Yes
West Virginia No No
Wisconsin Yes Yes
Wyoming No No

*Under certain conditions, see the law page for details.

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