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Overview for Michigan

Michigan does not have state preemption over all firearm regulations, so there are many townships and cities where firing a gun is illegal. If a firearm is stolen it must be reported to the police within, 5 days of the owner discovering that it was missing.

Michigan considers pellet guns to be firearms so owners must follow the same procedures as with a firearm. This includes having a license to own one, and registering the gun. Should the gun have no serial number it must be taken to the police who will stamp one on the pellet gun.

Permit to PurchaseDetails
Open CarryDetails
Concealed CarryDetails
State Preemption of Local RestrictionsDetails
Firearm RegistrationDetails
Owner LicenseDetails

Law Long-guns Handguns
Permit to Purchase No Yes
Open Carry Yes Yes
Concealed Carry No Yes
State Preemption of Local Restrictions Yes Yes
Firearm Registration No Yes
Owner License No No

The Concealed Carry Permit

(often encompasses the open carry permit)

Official Concealed Carry page for Michigan.

Michigan Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Michigan Magazine Capacity


Michigan Imitation Firearms

What is classified as an Imitation Firearm in Michigan?

The following is a list of imitation firearms in Michigan:

Does Michigan have an inheritance gun law?

Michigan does not have an inheritance gun law.

Michigan FAQ

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