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Overview for Idaho

Idaho’s firearm laws are fairly relaxed, when compared to most states.

Residents of Idaho may purchase firearms in any adjoining state (Montana, Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, Nevada, and Utah) and transport them into Idaho. Any Adjoining stare may purchase rifles or shotguns in Idaho and transport them back to their state. It is illegal to handle a firearm in a “careless, reckless, or negligent manner or without due caution and circumspection” when it results in the firing of the firearm and injury to a person. More information on Idaho’s firearm laws can be found here.

Permit to PurchaseDetails
Open CarryDetails
Concealed CarryDetails
State Preemption of Local RestrictionsDetails
Firearm RegistrationDetails
Owner LicenseDetails

Law Long-guns Handguns
Permit to Purchase No No
Open Carry Yes Yes
Concealed Carry No Yes
State Preemption of Local Restrictions Yes Yes
Firearm Registration No No
Owner License No No

The Concealed Carry Permit

(often encompasses the open carry permit)

Official Concealed Carry page for Idaho.

Idaho Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Idaho Magazine Capacity


Does Idaho have a gun buy back program?

Idaho does not run, or fund any gun buyback programs.

Does Idaho have an inheritance gun law?

Idaho does not have an inheritance gun law.

Idaho FAQ

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