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Overview for Alabama

The Alabama State Constitution guarantees the right of citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State.

An FBI background check is required to buy a firearm from any licensed dealer in Alabama. The dealer will all record different characteristics of the gun. Private sales are legal and do not require an FBI background check.

Firearms are banned or restricted in certain places including but not limited to: state parks, recreation areas, refuges, sanctuaries, offices of the Department of Human Resources, domestic violence shelters, police stations, youth detention facilities, licensed family and group day care, and other child care facilities. Firearms are not banned on school grounds, unless the person intends to do bodily harm to people in the area. Alabama’s weapons law can be found here

Permit to PurchaseDetails
Open CarryDetails
Concealed CarryDetails
State Preemption of Local RestrictionsDetails
Firearm RegistrationDetails
Owner LicenseDetails

Law Long-guns Handguns
Permit to Purchase No No
Open Carry Yes Yes
Concealed Carry No Yes
State Preemption of Local Restrictions Yes Yes
Firearm Registration No No
Owner License No No

The Concealed Carry Permit

(often encompasses the open carry permit)

Official Concealed Carry page for Alabama.

Alabama Concealed Carry Reciprocity

Alabama Magazine Capacity


Does Alabama have an inheritance gun law?

Alabama does not have an inheritance gun law.

Alabama FAQ

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