Lindley Industries LLC

Total Licenses: 2

License types: 2

Total Locations: 2

Total Mfg in 2020: 60

Lindley Industries LLC has a total of 2 firearm licenses accross 2 distinct locations.

Lindley Industries LLC Firearm License List

The table below has general information about each license under Lindley Industries LLC. Use the link at the end of each row to expand the information shown for that license.

License Number License Type Location # Mfg Exp Date
5-76-201-10-2C-05287 10 4030 Southerland Rd Ste A, Houston, TX 60 Mar 1, 2022 view more
Region: Southwest Manufacturer of Destructive Devices Phone: (281)-749-1438
5-76-201-08-2H-05307 08 4030 Southerland Rd Ste A, Houston, TX 0 Aug 1, 2022 view more
Region: Southwest Importer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices Phone: (281)-749-1438

Firearms Manufactured by Lindley Industries LLC

Firearm Type Number MFG Percentage
Pistols 6 10.00%
Rifles 20 33.33%
Revolvers 0 0.00%
Shotguns 0 0.00%
Miscellaneous 34 56.67%

Lindley Industries LLC manufactured 60 firearms in 2020 accross all 2 of their licenses. The pie chart has a breakdown seperated by type of firearms. Miscs make up 56.67% of the firearms that Lindley Industries LLC produce with 34 manufactured.

Licensees near Lindley Industries LLC

The table below has a list of firearm licensees within the same zip code of Lindley Industries LLC.

License Name License Number License Type Business Name Location
Roman Ammunition LLC 5-76-201-06-3L-06879 06 Roman Ammunition 6829 Guhn Rd Unit E5, Houston, TX
Pawn Tx Inc 5-76-201-02-4B-07016 02 Valu Pawn 2903 Mangum Road, Houston, TX
Tejas Pawn Inc 5-76-201-02-4B-07064 02 N/A 5726 Bingle Rd Ste B, Houston, TX
Usa Jewelry & Loan Inc 5-76-201-01-2G-07237 01 N/A 5726 Bingle Ste B, Houston, TX
Ar Defense & Cybersecurity LLC 5-76-201-06-4F-07264 06 N/A 4800 W 34th St Ste C50c, Houston, TX
Ar Defense & Cybersecurity LLC 5-76-201-07-4F-07265 07 N/A 4800 W 34th St Suite C50c, Houston, TX

Please use the official tool provided by the ATF website to view the official status any license listed on this page.