Concealed Carry Across the Nation

  • Concealed Carry
  • No Concealed Carry
  • Partial Concealed Carry

Concealed carry is the ability to, legally carry a gun that is not plainly visible. This applies to carrying it on one's person, or inside their vehicle. While many states allow concealed carry of a firearm on one's person with a permit, most do not allow concealed carry in a vehicle, or have strict guidelines on how the gun must be stored.

Most states require the applicant be at least 21 to apply for a permit, along with other requirements unique from state to state. There is a fee invaulved in getting a CCW which varies widly from state to state. Some states honor the concealed carry permit of certain other states (see the Permits Honored section for a complete listing).

State Long-guns Handguns
Alabama No Yes
Alaska No Yes
Arizona Yes Yes
Arkansas No Yes
California Yes Yes
Colorado Yes Yes
Connecticut No Yes
Delaware Yes Yes
District of Columbia No No
Florida No Yes
Georgia Yes Yes
Hawaii No Yes
Idaho No Yes
Illinois No Yes
Indiana No Yes
Iowa No Yes
Kansas No Yes
Kentucky No Yes
Louisiana No Yes
Maine No Yes
Maryland No Yes
Massachusetts No Yes
Michigan No Yes
Minnesota No Yes
Mississippi No Yes
Missouri No Yes
Montana No Yes
Nebraska No Yes
Nevada No Yes
New Hampshire No Yes
New Jersey No Yes
New Mexico No Yes
New York Yes Yes
North Carolina No Yes
North Dakota No Yes
Ohio No Yes
Oklahoma No Yes
Oregon No Yes
Pennsylvania Yes Yes
Rhode Island No Yes
South Carolina No Yes
South Dakota No Yes
Tennessee No* Yes
Texas No Yes
Utah Yes Yes
Vermont Yes Yes
Virginia No Yes
Washington No Yes
West Virginia No Yes
Wisconsin No Yes
Wyoming Yes Yes

*Under certain conditions, see the law page for details.

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