Total Licenses: 3

License types: 2

Total Locations: 3

Total Mfg in 2020: 0

Browning has a total of 3 firearm licenses accross 3 distinct locations.

Browning Firearm License List

The table below has general information about each license under Browning. Use the link at the end of each row to expand the information shown for that license.

License Number License Type Location # Mfg Exp Date
5-43-099-07-4A-05666 07 1 Browning Place, Arnold, MO 0 Jan 1, 2024 view more
Region: Southwest Manufacturer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices Phone: (801)-876-2711
5-43-099-01-3K-40460 01 3005 Arnold Tenbrook Rd, Arnold, MO 0 Oct 1, 2023 view more
Region: Southwest Dealer in Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices (Includes Gunsmiths) Phone: (636)-287-6800
9-87-029-01-3J-35028 01 One Browning Place, Morgan, UT 0 Sep 1, 2023 view more
Region: Western Dealer in Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices (Includes Gunsmiths) Phone: (801)-876-2711

Licensees near Browning

The table below has a list of firearm licensees within the same zip code of Browning.

License Name License Number License Type Business Name Location
Top Gun Shooting Sports LLC 5-43-099-01-2J-02878 01 N/A 4075 West Outer Road, Arnold, MO
Zachs Guns LLC 5-43-099-01-4F-06237 01 N/A 4109 Brook Ridge Dr, Arnold, MO
Eric Jon Olson 5-43-099-01-5B-07005 01 Helix Gunsmithing 4075 West Outer Rd, Arnold, MO
M J Arms LLC 5-43-099-01-5E-07578 01 M J Arms 2705 Pomme Meadows Dr, Arnold, MO
Wal Mart Stores East LP 5-43-099-01-3H-09091 01 Wal Mart 1514 2201 Michigan Ave, Arnold, MO
Tony Lee Bellis 5-43-099-01-3M-09395 01 Smelly Pirate Firearms 466a Peerview Ln, Arnold, MO
Jeff Johnson 5-43-099-01-4A-09564 01 Badger Firearms 3925 Londell Rd, Arnold, MO
4bush Weapons Refinishing Systems LLC 5-43-099-07-4C-09741 07 4bush Wrs 4051b West Outer Rd, Arnold, MO
Hoelscher Christopher Daniel 5-43-099-07-8D-09784 07 H & H 537 Hannah Way, Arnold, MO
Lmc Industries 5-43-099-07-5B-10533 07 N/A 100 Manufacturers Dr, Arnold, MO