Charco 2000 Inc

Total Licenses: 2

License types: 2

Total Locations: 1

Total Mfg in 2020: 30,571

Charco 2000 Inc has a total of 2 firearm licenses accross 1 distinct locations.

Charco 2000 Inc Firearm License List

The table below has general information about each license under Charco 2000 Inc. Use the link at the end of each row to expand the information shown for that license.

License Number License Type Location # Mfg Exp Date
6-06-001-08-4L-01211 08 18 Brewster Lane, Shelton, CT 0 Nov 1, 2024 view more
Region: North Atlantic Importer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices Phone: (203)-922-1652
6-06-001-07-5G-35936 07 18 Brewster Lane, Shelton, CT 30,571 Jul 1, 2025 view more
Region: North Atlantic Manufacturer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices Phone: (203)-922-1652

Firearms Manufactured by Charco 2000 Inc

Firearm Type Number MFG Percentage
Pistols 0 0.00%
Rifles 0 0.00%
Revolvers 30,571 100.00%
Shotguns 0 0.00%
Miscellaneous 0 0.00%

Charco 2000 Inc manufactured 30,571 firearms in 2020 accross all 2 of their licenses. The pie chart has a breakdown seperated by type of firearms. Revolvers make up 100.00% of the firearms that Charco 2000 Inc produce with 30,571 manufactured.

Licensees near Charco 2000 Inc

The table below has a list of firearm licensees within the same zip code of Charco 2000 Inc.

License Name License Number License Type Business Name Location
Raymond J Masek 6-06-001-01-5C-05822 01 Valley Wholesale Guns 35 Rosedale Cir, Huntington, CT
Michael W Tichy 6-06-001-01-2J-06356 01 N/A 53 Birdseye Rd, Shelton, CT
Robert W Betts 6-06-001-01-3J-06384 01 Rwb Custom Guns 8 Little Fawn Dr, Shelton, CT

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