License name: Outdoor Colors LLC

Business Name: N/A

License Type: 07 - Manufacturer of Firearms Other Than Destructive Devices

Active Expires: Mar 1, 2025

Outdoor Colors LLC in Rutherfordton, NC has a type 07 federal firearm license. Outdoor Colors LLC does business under the name N/A This license is still active, but will expire on Mar 1, 2025.

License Number





286 Industrial Park, Rutherfordton, NC

Phone Number


Firearms Manufactured by Outdoor Colors LLC

Firearm Type Number MFG Percentage
Pistols 6,361 26.47%
Rifles 4,788 19.92%
Revolvers 0 0.00%
Shotguns 12,882 53.61%
Miscellaneous 0 0.00%

Outdoor Colors LLC manufactured 24,031 firearms with this license in 2020. The pie chart has a breakdown seperated by type of firearms. Shotguns make up 53.61% of the firearms that Outdoor Colors LLC produce with 12,882 manufactured.

Licensees near Outdoor Colors LLC

There are a total of 10 other firearm license holders in the same zip code as Outdoor Colors LLC.

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